OPI white

Quick lil shout-out before school to my new white nail polish! It's definitely growing on me x


Orange feather

I helped a friend out for her photography project today and she dressed me up as Pocahontas and gave me those orange earrings. Hahaha hope she can find a picture where I'm not holding back laughter.....But anyway I don't wear earrings much but I'm feeling like imma bring them back. xx


Print and boots

 I've been looking for a new coat and boots and I've finally, finally found them. The coat is Pendleton and it has the most amazingly soft hood/collar that isn't really seen here. The boots are Jeffrey Campbell, brown suede. They are super easy to walk in too. They're probably never going to get off my feet. xx


Fuuurr Elise

Leopard print, fur scarf = double animal

These photos are actually left over from Thanksgiving with the family. Being with my sister is good, because she encourages me to blog...
Anyways, winter in LA is confusing. Today felt like a summer day, but then tonight I'm chilling here with my layers of fur.

Have a great night people xx


So chilly

I found this scarf somewhere with all my other clothes I don't wear anymore and now I'm smitten. The pattern is super easy but the execution is really good so I'm thinking that Mariel made it. Either way, I've already worn it three times last week.



Do you guys remember when I posted about a skirt I designed for Native(X)? Well, the skirt is originally priced at $70, but we're dropping the price to $50! Only 22 skirts were made so snatch them up while you can...... We're also offering up free returns. Check out the site for more information.