Purely accidental

Yesterday morning my alarm went off at 6:53am and I snoozed until 7:13am. And then I did that thing where you close your eyes and say, 'Okay, I will get out in 10 seconds. 1, 2, 3...' but then you don't ever finish counting to 10 and you open your eyes and well looky here, it's 7:45!

Mariel bought this shirt one or two years ago. I don't know where but I remember her coming home and I thought, God that is one fugly shirt. But today I had no other choice. I was sleeping in it and when you have approximately 10 minutes to eat and get dressed (I prioritize the eating) there's no time to logically think about the random crap you dress yourself in. Of course I warmed up to it and it's now my newest favorite shirt. 

This is what tends to happen when I wear Mariel's clothes. Speaking of which I am also wearing her old cords, Levi's hoodie and grandma cardigan. The belt and shoes are mine. I'm not complaining, one of the many of having an older sister. 

I enjoy seeing how little control I have over my facial expressions. 
I grabbed the cardigan on the way out but little did I know the zip up was in it. It was actually really confusing trying to pull the cardigan on while running down the stairs, kind of like if you think you're eating a Skittle but it's really an M&M.....

Aww there's my little bit of blue hair!! The best part about all of this is that I realized how much I love this I-have-no-home look. Superquick+supercomfortable=a winner!