black ballerina

My other purchase from Forever 21 (skirt). I'm digging the kind of childish feel of the skirt, I think I may start dressing like a three year old...



I wore this to school on Tuesday sans the vest though. I bought the vest at Forever21 on sale for 12.99. I went to the cashier all happy because I found a skirt for only $15 and so I'd only be spending a total of 28. So she rang me up and I heard 19. I didn't think twice until I opened my wallet and only pulled out a 20. And then it sunk in and I asked her how much the vest was and she said 4!!! I nearly keeled over right then and there. I still get short of breath every time I see it hanging beautifully in my closet.


Pops of Color

I was looking through the archives and decided I wear too much black, white and navies. Goal: to wear a little bit of color amidst my sea of black and white.



Found these photos that never made it to the blog. In any case, I never tire of an all white ensemble. Its surprising how much impact something so simple can have.

What are some of your fail-proof ensembles?