NATIVE(X) Skirt Project, step 1

My friend Mac contacted me to help design skirts using Pendleton fabric. He already had prototypes of the skirts made and all I have to do now is let people try them out, give me feedback and figure out how to make the skirts better. Jessica is wearing the small tall, for girls who are 5'8 and up. The small regular is 5'7 and shorter, but it really depends on how you wear your skirt.

There's a huge line behind her to try the skirt and tomorrow I'm handing it off to another girl. The goal from now until the end of school is to let as many people try the skirt out to get a lot of feedback on it so I can figure out what the sizing will be. Then I'm going to a seamstress with a few friends to get the skirts redesigned and make new prototypes. Hopefully the next set of skirts will be perfect so we can start selling them. In the meantime, I'm making myself a pair of loose white summery pants. Super excited right now, two projects going on at the same time!!


It should not be raining

You'd think that by 18 days into May it would be in the70-80sF and nice and sunny, but no, Portland doesn't think so. I wore black to show my disappointment.

 AA U-neck black dress and a shirt from Arles
 My face when it started to pour buckets
School's out in less than a month. I'm speechless. Summer=buttloads of time+getting a job+having fun 24/7=I CANNOT WAIT.


Back on board

Ah dear readers, it has been quite some time since I dropped out of the blogging world. Alas, I am back! Work has been over the top, but I'm slowing finding more time to focus on doing fun things. And naturally, one of those 'fun' things has been scavenging. I picked up this jegging-like skirt at H&M for a mere 10 euros

Last weekend I took my scavenged skirt to a flea market on the outskirts of Paris. (Montreuil). I was feeling somewhat exhausted from the night before, but managed to motivate and score these Manfield loafers for even less than the skirt!

new brown loafers

I expect they'll look pretty good with bare legs and cutoffs, whenever that weather arrives here in Paris. My friend Sarah accompanied me to the market and got even luckier, with her navy flats and this gorge black bag:

Perfect savy outfit

xx & a bientot