Nothing much except for my new Levi's vest for only $5! Very overjoyed, I imagine we will be friends for a while.


shaggy vest

I wore this to check out history books at the library and proceeded to ignore them for all of today. I know I'm going to regret this in a few days but I'm still wiped from Saturday's SAT. It should be law that teachers excuse all SATers from homework as there's no point in adding additional stress because the more stress, the less homework is done. 

vest--f21, shirt--Marc Jacobs, shoes--sperry


All wrapped up

My friend told me on Friday that my outfits give off a kind of polished homeless vibe. I nearly kissed her because I've decided it's going to be my look for the year. And I really enjoy wrapping stuff around my waist.

PS: Mariel is currently sans camera cord, which is why she hasn't posted in ages.

shirt--DIY,  skirt--Diesel, shoes--F21, zip up--Levi's.