Ahoy matey [Paris]

Ahhh, I've been in Paris for about a week. It's been difficult to get a connection, but I'm baaaack. I wanted to do one last shout out to my favorite place to get an American scavenge (Forever 21). I picked up this ring and some cute earrings before realizing I had gone with a nautical trend.

Trop cool, non?



I'm really missing Mariel's camera

You know that post Mariel did about her studded sweater? Well, I made a studded shirt while she made her sweater. Kind of a sisterly bonding time during Christmas Break. We both agreed we're a little over studding and we need to watch how much we do but this shirt I studded kind of looked like a dentist's smock so I needed to do something with it. I cut it to a few inches below my belly button so it's a crop top and I put circle studs around the sleeves.

And just so this isn't too redundant, I'm posting pictures of two new pieces of jewelry, both only 5$ from Cost Plus World Market. It's actually my favorite place for rings/earrings/necklaces/little nicknacks that don't mean much.


Sequins and Lace

We got these shorts at Forever 21, and both were around $20. Mariel's in the sequin shorts, I'm in the lace shorts. These shorts are great cause the textures transition easily from winter to summer and from dressy to dressed down.

This is our last combined post for seven months. Mariel's moving to Paris tomorrow and coming back at the end of July. It'll be hard because I'll be super jealous of her but at the same time happy for her because she'll have a lot of fun and it'll be nice for her to move back. We'll miss each other tons but the blog will help us keep in touch.



Be dazzled

Studs may be a fading trend, but I couldn't help but bedazzle a ridiculously comfortable sweater.

xxxx bises


Cleaning out my closet

Big project for the season has been going through my stuff, mainly seperating out workable projects from ruined attempts. I stumbled upon this headband I made out of a yard of lace trimming. Basically you just measure it around your head and then sew the remaining amount into some type of flower looking thing. Then TADA you end up with a turban looking headband.


When I start I am on a roll

Basically, if you don't get my title, I am applauding myself for these consistent postings I've got going here. Not much now that school's in the works and then I've got finals in three weeks so posts will start thinning out and eventually for a whole entire week no posts from me will show up. So here's some overload to make up for the future lackluster week.

Mariel and I got these legging jeans at Forever 21 a few days back. And we also got shorts, mine are lace (there's a lining, don't worry) and her's are a sort of sparkly sequin super high waisted nice shorts. But back to the leggings. Mine are navy, Mariels's look like jeans. They are the most comfortable things I have ever worn. And warm. I wasn't expecting that. Only 15 dollars. Oh, and here's a little shopping tip: shop with crutches. I was like Moses. People moved out of my way so I got to all the racks I wanted and I got to the line quicker than people not on crutches and the dressing room ladies let you share dressing rooms with your sister because they don't want to offend a temporarily handicapped little girl. It was like I was a celebrity.

Except at school I just got a lot of people annoyed with me because I was hobbling slowly and they really didn't care.


My ankle still throbs but I'm off crutches

It took patience to get this picture because I had to hobble over in under 10 seconds which was a feat itself but then arranging my limbs to look semi-acceptable was much difficult especially when I had to put all my weight on my left leg. But anyway, here I am in said leopard leggings (given to me by my mom's aunt who has a love for everything leopard), lounging around the mountain cabin on a fine Wednesday (2009) morning.


Booooo school starts tomorrow

I meant to find a picture of Mariel and I in 2009 but the only one I could find that I like is from Thanksgiving 2008 in San Francisco. I was a sophomore in high school and Mariel a sophomore in college.

Happy New Year everyone and thanks to you guys for reading and commenting!