Fuuurr Elise

Leopard print, fur scarf = double animal

These photos are actually left over from Thanksgiving with the family. Being with my sister is good, because she encourages me to blog...
Anyways, winter in LA is confusing. Today felt like a summer day, but then tonight I'm chilling here with my layers of fur.

Have a great night people xx


So chilly

I found this scarf somewhere with all my other clothes I don't wear anymore and now I'm smitten. The pattern is super easy but the execution is really good so I'm thinking that Mariel made it. Either way, I've already worn it three times last week.



Do you guys remember when I posted about a skirt I designed for Native(X)? Well, the skirt is originally priced at $70, but we're dropping the price to $50! Only 22 skirts were made so snatch them up while you can...... We're also offering up free returns. Check out the site for more information. 


Free-flowing Thanksgiving

I prepared this outfit in the hopes that it would be both free flowing and restricting enough to help me make sure I didn't overeat. I don't know what I was thinking, Thanksgiving doesn't understand the word "restricting"...

We're spending Thanksgiving week in San Francisco and had Thanksgiving dinner at a family friend's house just a few minutes ago. Started my belt at the tightest notch and slowly worked my way to the very last--I did not want my belt touching my belly at all.

A game of charades must have burnt off a few slices of pumpkin pie.....

I wish you all a belated happy Thanksgiving!!

xx Isabelle



Ah, it's been a while since I (the other sister) posted. I've been busy, as I'm sure you are all experiencing, but I just wanted to share my latest obsession.

Got gifted this Pendleton bag, and it's really perfect for me right now. It's big enough to store my Nikon D3000 along with the other essentials. Plus in these times of stress when I get lazy and only wear black, this pop of pattern gives any outfit a little boost.



Sadie Rose (here and here) sent me those earrings and the skirt. I'm quite in love with the earrings, when I'm walking they kind of flail madly all over the place and it's really kind of funny. The skirt is super tight at the waist (you can't really tell here because my shirt's covering it) which will be helpful come Thanksgiving and I need to restrict my eating amount. Sorry for the horrible pictures, I am in dire need to replace my camera//to find myself some time to take pictures when I actually wear the outfit....

Speaking of cameras...Overstock.com wants me to share this discount code with my readers (!!):
Ten percent off!
and then this one for free shipping for electronics:

...which is crazy cool because I was looking at their cameras and decided that I will get a new one by Christmas.


(As per FTC guidelines, I have to tell you guys that all the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with a discount code.) 



Nothing much except for my new Levi's vest for only $5! Very overjoyed, I imagine we will be friends for a while.


shaggy vest

I wore this to check out history books at the library and proceeded to ignore them for all of today. I know I'm going to regret this in a few days but I'm still wiped from Saturday's SAT. It should be law that teachers excuse all SATers from homework as there's no point in adding additional stress because the more stress, the less homework is done. 

vest--f21, shirt--Marc Jacobs, shoes--sperry


All wrapped up

My friend told me on Friday that my outfits give off a kind of polished homeless vibe. I nearly kissed her because I've decided it's going to be my look for the year. And I really enjoy wrapping stuff around my waist.

PS: Mariel is currently sans camera cord, which is why she hasn't posted in ages.

shirt--DIY,  skirt--Diesel, shoes--F21, zip up--Levi's.


black ballerina

My other purchase from Forever 21 (skirt). I'm digging the kind of childish feel of the skirt, I think I may start dressing like a three year old...



I wore this to school on Tuesday sans the vest though. I bought the vest at Forever21 on sale for 12.99. I went to the cashier all happy because I found a skirt for only $15 and so I'd only be spending a total of 28. So she rang me up and I heard 19. I didn't think twice until I opened my wallet and only pulled out a 20. And then it sunk in and I asked her how much the vest was and she said 4!!! I nearly keeled over right then and there. I still get short of breath every time I see it hanging beautifully in my closet.


Pops of Color

I was looking through the archives and decided I wear too much black, white and navies. Goal: to wear a little bit of color amidst my sea of black and white.



Found these photos that never made it to the blog. In any case, I never tire of an all white ensemble. Its surprising how much impact something so simple can have.

What are some of your fail-proof ensembles?


Mustard yellow

Got my mane tidied up on Friday and this outfit reflects my lighter mood. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. xx


It is now fall in Portland

I love those summer days when the sun is hidden by the clouds because I can debut the clothes I'm waiting to wear this winter.


Spots and stripes

Love when a random purchase becomes a closet staple. I picked up this top at H&M in Paris, forgot about it, but these days its my go-to for the beach. Esp digging the stripes in contrast with my lime swimsuit. xx