Winter activities

The cold and rain has caused me to perpetually leave the house dressed head to toe in black. I feel like outfits don't matter since everything is covered in a big coat. I've resorted to small details to break up my all black uniform. Last night I took advantage of the break from the rain by wearing some LA appropriate shoes, done warmly bien sur.

P.S. I never do 'outfit' posts cause I can't yet figure out how to look less awkward in front of the camera. It was especially hard to take these because my apartment is about as big as a queen size bed, so the angles can prove to be challenging.

In keeping with the theme of small details, I've really taken to partially tucking in sweaters. I like giving a little nip and tuck through all these layers.

And fiiiiinally, the one good thing about this weather is that it encourages me to draw and paint. The next two pieces can account for about all the color in my life.

And finally, a piece in progress!

Stay warm people. xxx



In case people haven't noticed, my posts recently have not been of me and my (not really) clothes, mainly my little random bits of sewing here and there. Welllllll that is largely because all the outfits I wear that I deem cool enough to post consist of 89% of Mariel's clothes, the ones that she has no room for at college and leaves home (PS Mariel, I have been doing a stellar job at putting everything back).

So I put to use my one yard of chiffon and made you (Mariel) a shirt!! I basically took that London Marc Jacobs shirt, made a rough outline of it on the yard of chiffon folded in two and grabbed my scissors and cut away!! And then I clumsily sewed everything together. I'm not yet finished with the right sleeve and the neckline but I will be done in a few days and you will have a new shirt coming in the mail soon.

That is the shirt (above). I tried to get the entire shirt in backlighting so you could see the see-throughness of it but it was not working.

Okay and now, in order, is the completed sleeve, the bottom hemline and the unfinished neckline.

Sweet! I cannot wait for you to get it because then you can wear it, figure out what works with it and what doesn't and when you come home for summer I can wear it!!

And finally, my new shoes have come in the mail.

outfit post soon to come. xxx


My take on Adeline

Mariel showed me this girl's blog: Adeline Rapon. Well, as it is now my newest favorite blog, I have taken it upon myself to personally stalk her like crazy. Adeline (yes I am on first name basis) posted this sweater yesterday.

I really really liked this whole bow-on-the-back-of-a-sweater deal she was doing. I also realized I had just finished my homework and I had late opening the next day. So I set out to make my version of her bow-on-the-back-of-a-sweater. Only I'm using a tank top because I don't have a big white sweater and I'm using blue and white striped fabric for the bow.

It's still too cold to wear it outside on its own and considering all the big stuff is in the back, I am just going to have to save it for later.

PS I spent 30 minutes during my free period looking for a fabric store and once I did I went in and they didn't even have lace. So I bought chiffon to make something (you'll see later!!) THAT WAS 13 DOLLARS PER YARD. I do not know if this is a good price or not but it seemed ridiculously overpriced. But I wouldn't know.

PPS I just realized I did bows two posts ago...I was debating between one huge heart or a bow. Huh. I might just go and make myself a heart-shirt.


My sisterly duty

This post is dedicated solely to my two brothers, Alex and Henri. Alex turned 14 on the 5th and Henri turned 18 (!!!!!!) today. Henri is at Cornell, I've already written on his wall AND sent him a ridiculously long birthday text message that I don't even know what it said, to which he merely responded, 'Fab'. But anyway, here are a few pictures to celebrate their existence.

The birthday boys!!!

Mariel and Henri

In Sun Valley
Me and Henri on Christmas (definitely the best picture out there....)

Onto brother numero 2, Alex.


Blue velvet

It's been snowing on and off in Paris, and I'm still trying to adjust from being spoiled with LA sun. I'm not used to pulling on layer after layer, but I love how these blue-ish purple leggings add a hint of the unexpected within my layers of woolen neutrals.

don't get me wrong though, still waiting for that sun



Turtle neck

The weather's so chilly I finally have reason to wear this scarf! I knitted it over winter break out of two kinds of yarn. The pattern looks complicated, but once you get a hang of the diagonals it becomes quite easy. I made one long strip and then sewed the two ends together to make a circle scarf.

i love the chunky softness, and for any knitter out there: the thicker the yarn, the quicker the stitch



I have underestimated bows

I was walking to school, on my way to this godawful test my mom signed me up for (WE DIDN'T HAVE SCHOOL TODAY BUT I STILL HAD TO WAKE UP AT 7) and I was super tired and thinking of this. And I remembered my mom had a stash of bows and I thought about how ridiculous I would look with one of them in my hair. And then I had to tighten my belt because the waist of my jeans are all too big (yes, I tightened my belt out in public on my way to school) and I had an epiphany. So here it goes. 

A tiny fraction of my mom's bows:


I tried to get close-ups of each but then I got bored and frustrated because my camera sucks and just clumped them all up. 

PS excuse the blurriness. That is why I miss Mariel&her camera.


The only thing you really need is a belt thin enough to fit through the weird clasps on the back of hair-bows. I didn't use all the bows because I got a little bored and my knees hurt but then that just means when I eventually wear the other ones I can post them and it won't be too boring! I was also thinking of getting a white t-shirt then making slashes on them to fit the bows and then I can change them. But I need to think about it. I don't know if it's too tacky or not yet. Mariel, expect a lengthy email on the pros and cons of bow-shirts soon.