My sisterly duty

This post is dedicated solely to my two brothers, Alex and Henri. Alex turned 14 on the 5th and Henri turned 18 (!!!!!!) today. Henri is at Cornell, I've already written on his wall AND sent him a ridiculously long birthday text message that I don't even know what it said, to which he merely responded, 'Fab'. But anyway, here are a few pictures to celebrate their existence.

The birthday boys!!!

Mariel and Henri

In Sun Valley
Me and Henri on Christmas (definitely the best picture out there....)

Onto brother numero 2, Alex.


emily kendall said...

aw, you guys are all so cute. ;) it was actually my little brother's birthday today too, although he's only turning 10!

fadetoblack said...

hah awesome!!

issa said...

aww happy birthday to them!

Ganymede Girl said...

Aw this post makes me miss my brothers!