In case people haven't noticed, my posts recently have not been of me and my (not really) clothes, mainly my little random bits of sewing here and there. Welllllll that is largely because all the outfits I wear that I deem cool enough to post consist of 89% of Mariel's clothes, the ones that she has no room for at college and leaves home (PS Mariel, I have been doing a stellar job at putting everything back).

So I put to use my one yard of chiffon and made you (Mariel) a shirt!! I basically took that London Marc Jacobs shirt, made a rough outline of it on the yard of chiffon folded in two and grabbed my scissors and cut away!! And then I clumsily sewed everything together. I'm not yet finished with the right sleeve and the neckline but I will be done in a few days and you will have a new shirt coming in the mail soon.

That is the shirt (above). I tried to get the entire shirt in backlighting so you could see the see-throughness of it but it was not working.

Okay and now, in order, is the completed sleeve, the bottom hemline and the unfinished neckline.

Sweet! I cannot wait for you to get it because then you can wear it, figure out what works with it and what doesn't and when you come home for summer I can wear it!!

And finally, my new shoes have come in the mail.

outfit post soon to come. xxx


mariel elisa said...

tu es la meilleure soeur du monde

Mouthwash said...

love this blog! and, what a fun shirt!! I've been wanting to make a sheer shirt for a while now. And, I love those leggings from a few posts back!


Shanelle said...

Great blog:D

the maisies said...

i would love to wear this shirt

ponyhunter said...

beautiful material, i love sheer fabrics.

Eli said...

what a coolshirt. I have a few sewing projects going on too and its so cool to finish something!

I'm Heraid said...

REALLLY digging your projects. I just bought a sewing machine today. I can't wait to start making some stuff!


bravegrrl said...

thanks for stopping by... no, i have not been to babycakes... what is it?

sewing your own clothes is awesome... i will be posting some of my creations soon too!

great shoes!!


fledgling said...

i like where you were going...

maxwell conrad


The F Word Online said...

im a hugeee fan of sheer ! if only i knew how to sew :( slash how have i never found your blog until now? its so cute !

xx lue

Hannah ♥ said...

oh wow, those shoes are AMAZING! love love love them!
I wish I could make things like you. You're so talented!



RepublicOfChic said...

Love the shoes! Need some myself in the same texture :)

JOWY said...

wowieee its see through ey!! FABULOUS!

One Love,

John Malvin said...

This is so cool! I can't wait til I purchase my very own sewing machine and start doing lots and lots of D.I.Y projects.


Trop Rouge said...

oh what a cool shirt. I have one like it from American Apparel.

Kristiana V said...

I love the material of the top, it looks so light and pretty :D!