It snowed in Portland and I left my skylight open. oops

I really did not want to go skiing and of course my dad forced me. Lo and behold I fell second run and am now hobbling around on crutches like an old batty lady. Not to mention I've been wearing my leopard leggings two days in a row now. Gotta keep the pizazzzzzzz

Recycled picture from summer in my favorite skirt from Diesel and shirt from House of Vintage.

Here a few pictures from tonight. The first one is a reflection of MARIEL looking out in the snowy street.

The tree.....


Tomorrow we have to go to a dinner so we'll get some pictures taken care of and posts to come!x


Merry Christmas all you lovely people

I'm wearing all my Christmas gear here. New Alice in Wonderland shirt from my cousin, tights from Mariel, scarf knitted by my mom. Skirt and cardigan are hand me downs from Mariel and I'm actually wearing chunky socks with white Converse.

photocred to my lil bro Alex

my newest favorite tights!!!!!!! from uo

I hope you all have a great Christmas


Just a tad lazy

Sometimes when I get lazy I tend to look like a gas station man.


I really need to learn how to compose my face when I'm talking

Mariel gave me these jeans, they are wonderful, fit like leggings.


$5 dollar minimum

It's been some time since my last post. End of semester and finals are quite consuming. Today I ran to the hardware store to get some sandpaper. I was stuck way under the minimum for a credit card charge so I looked around for something small to boost me slightly over the limit. Picked up 2ft of chain link and with a scrap of lace, ended up with a belt and a necklace.

When I get back home I'm going to try and spruce it up, maybe run a ribbon through or add a real clasp/buckle.

k well now its back to the grind. xx

The weather is really not okay

I wake up every morning thinking I'm going to try and look alright today but then I see the weather forecast and this is my face: (in the long coat)
It's the time of the month when it really should be snowing and school should be canceled but there are absolutely no clouds out. All sunny and blue sky and absolutely frigid. All I really want to be is warm and in my bed but that's not possible so I bundle up as much as is humanely possible and start my walk.


I'm sorry I cut you, Chanel

I found this blue cardigan in my mom's closet the end of last year and for some reason I was really into it (super weird, it's just like any other blue knit cardigan) and I wore it so often that holes formed in the elbows.

And then I had to stop wearing it.

Guess what?? Just yesterday, I was back in my mom's closet and found patches for her blue Chanel suit.

Those were originally together but I had to cut it in half so it would fit my cardigan.


Here's the finished cardigan. The light was super bad so you can't really tell what's what on the cardigan but the patches show up really nicely.

It's taking me so longggggggggg to finish that other shirt. I realized, when I was doing the cardigan, that it's taking forever because I won't even be able to wear it once I'm finished with it.

It's sub 32F and I still have to walk to school and walk home, down three hills, up three hills. My hands are completely raw.