Blue velvet

It's been snowing on and off in Paris, and I'm still trying to adjust from being spoiled with LA sun. I'm not used to pulling on layer after layer, but I love how these blue-ish purple leggings add a hint of the unexpected within my layers of woolen neutrals.

don't get me wrong though, still waiting for that sun



Ernest B. said...

Ahhh!!!! I love the pop of color - what an instant jolt of happiness and delight for sunny days. Tres chic!!!


Ernest Bee.

Princesse Pia said...

Thak you for your comment on my blog. I'm freeze too in Paris. The colour of your legging is great !

emily kendall said...

oh, they look so cozy! i've been meaning to get some velvet leggings for a while, now i really want some! ;)

Ugly Cute said...

velvet & navy, what a great pair! Your blog is GREAT!


Hayley said...

Sick leggings!
I love the city shot too:)
xx, Hayley

megara said...

love that color! so beautiful! bet it looks FAB on you!

Vinda Sonata said...

hi, nice velvet tights, Mariel. your outfit is great, too. i love how you composed the overall outfit. they're all so perfectly placed!

oh and, i've always loved charcoal gray cardigans. chic and edgy!

Gizelle said...

hi! cool tights....:D
the beach on my post is on a long strip white shore south of our island...it's like 2 hrs away from the city. hope you could visit our island sometime! :D


♥ Christine said...

love that shade of blue. i wish i could pull it off :)

hooray for sunshine!

@ Tie Me a Bow

Taylor Sterling said...

great blue color!!

Jess ♡ said...

Gorgeous photos! I totally am trying to hunt down a pair of velvet leggings... I'm so jealous :) <3

Coco said...

I love the super comfort level of velvet leggings, and they look really good on you too.

kirstyb said...

ooooooh velvet x

Victoire said...

i love these leggings so much! And how can you complain when you're in paris? I'd give anything to be there now :)


Toyin Lola said...

Those leggings are genius!
i want to go to Paris some day

rachel said...

I'll trade you my sun for your mist. I can't stop sweating. So disgusting.
Cool leggings though.

RepublicOfChic said...

How gorgeous and ultra comfy are those leggings? :)

Really interesting blog. Must.Follow.Now.

PS. Much admiration all the way from India! :)

FashionJazz said...

Luv these! x



Ohanna CorrĂȘa said...

What amazing velvet color!!
I want it noww!!


Wendy said...

I wanted some similar velvet leggings recently but can't seem to find such a nice royal blue.

Eri said...


Just came across your blog and it's great!

Please come and visit mine too.

Hope to see you soon.

le pearl said...

cool velvet leg lovers <3

Mikaela Urbom said...

Like those leggings! :D

EN VANITÉ said...

dang thats heaps nice

MIA said...

these leggins are perfect. where did you buy them?

love the logo of your blog

Rosa said...

i own a pair of blue velvet leggings myself, and i love them !! :p

Dusk said...

Oh yummm...that colour is just yum (technical term!).
...I know a pair of fabulous grey shoes that would rock with these...! Love your pics.

~peace~ Dusk
The Dusk Zone

Trop Rouge said...