Back on board

Ah dear readers, it has been quite some time since I dropped out of the blogging world. Alas, I am back! Work has been over the top, but I'm slowing finding more time to focus on doing fun things. And naturally, one of those 'fun' things has been scavenging. I picked up this jegging-like skirt at H&M for a mere 10 euros

Last weekend I took my scavenged skirt to a flea market on the outskirts of Paris. (Montreuil). I was feeling somewhat exhausted from the night before, but managed to motivate and score these Manfield loafers for even less than the skirt!

new brown loafers

I expect they'll look pretty good with bare legs and cutoffs, whenever that weather arrives here in Paris. My friend Sarah accompanied me to the market and got even luckier, with her navy flats and this gorge black bag:

Perfect savy outfit

xx & a bientot


christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

Your new shoes are such a great find!
I wish we had better flea markets/thrift shops in LA.

Beth Sarah said...

lovee the skirt and the bag. oh how i miss the flea markets of paris. have you checked out that really cool thrift store on the corner of rue de charonne and....i cant remember (somewhere near montemartre). i got felt hats, leather bags, ect for 2-5 E!

Panda said...

You're so good at photography!
Just found you, and i really really love your blog.
Panda xxx

StuddedLilly said...

love the outfit! and the shoes are fabulous! the last picture is my favorite ;)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous finds! You and your friend look lovely!

Esther said...

wow great score with the brown loafers! they look unbelivably chic & i agree, they would look great with bare legs & a summer outfit. enjoy having fun with them! :)

Fuji Files said...

Love both of your loafers!

xx FujiFiles

VanilahFashion said...

Very cute outfit :) paris + markets = the best of life.

Vanilah xx

fashionisfueledbyobsession said...

<3 the outfit and shoes!

followed =D
come check mine out


Anonymous said...

first time visiting: awesome! What are you doing in Paris? Are you studying there?
I had a serious H&M problem while I lived there!

Leia said...

love your shoes and bag!

MOLLYKT said...

love the skirt, and the shoes are SUBLIME. you have a beautiful blog lovely!

apparellel said...

what a steal! love the skirt!


that girl lucy said...

love the acid wash skirt! looks great with the jacket and layers :)

mel said...

so amaizng i love yoru outfit! and fab shoes


Dylana Suarez said...

Love the shoes!


Joellen said...

gorgeous outfits! and I love the shoes


Andie said...

i love your shoes and your skirt is too cool! there arent many thrift shops in my area... boo


Anonymous said...

really love that skirt. lovely pics. X

joyce. said...

Cute skirt, I wonder if they'd still have it at the H&M near me.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jess ♡ said...

Too adorable :) I love love love those shoes and that acid wash jegging-esque skirt <3

Fashion is a Playground said...

Great shoes ! ;)

VIVIENNE said...

lovely pics :) xxx


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