Mariel and I love Pendleton. We have three Pendleton coats (one of them is my mom's) and too Pendleton blankets scattered around our house. My coat demonstrates the more tradition, well tailored side of Pendleton, while Mariel's is made from the Native American fabric. The patterns are crazy interesting and the colors used are incredibly saturated. And the fact that the blankets have different colors on either sides makes them all the more better....

I was walking around my house finding everything Pendleton and this blanket is by far the best. Then I found the red one on my way to my room (I was a little peeved about the lack of blankets in our house so I asked my mom where all they all went and supposedly they're up at the mountains, so next time I go, I will snap some pictures because they are sooo worth sharing):

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Mort Bishop's son, Mac, was Mariel's classmate from kindergarten through senior year and now he's a junior at Cornell. Mac started NATIVE(X) as a little start-up apparel project. With this brand, Mac aspires to work with Indigenous people around the world to help them sell and market their creations. He's selling these shorts (starting at $98):

Only 24 pairs were produced and a limited number remain.
Click here and here for more details and ordering information.


le pearl said...

These prints are the fucking bomb <3

MAC said...

Looks Great! Another well written post by the Wuilloud sisters.

Stevie said...

Those coats! Ugh. I love themmm, too bad it's getting warm here.

Aleisha-Rose said...


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Adri said...

I love love that pink native jacket a lot. It's quite gorgeous.

sayablack said...

Love this check pattern!!

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty fantastic coats.

Andie said...

gorgeous! absolutely amazing!


Anonymous said...

LOVING the aztec print
loving your blog!
thanks for sharing as always darling!


Blackswan said...

oh my i'm in LOVE!! these coats and prints are MAGIC! will definitely check them out!


x Your Only Blackswan