Happy Birthday Mariel!!!!!!!!!!

Soo Mariel....I was going to do a list of all the things you can do at your age but then I realized everybody does that so I'm going to share a few pictures from our summer together. PS. They aren't just a 'few,' they're going to be quite a lot of select pictures of me and you, you, you and maman, the whole fam and of course the king.


This was Christmas last year, 2008. Just look at how much of a pooper he is.....
Post-surgery. What a trooper/spoiled little brat.

Me and you at Tante Monique's. Can you please just stop whatever you are doing and remember how good that food was? UNbelievable.

I cannot believe you wore that. I guess
life of an L.A. hipster is year-round.

You look cool and I look distorted. J'aime bcp.

Super attractive here, I didn't know that was possible teeheeee.....Monique's again. I'm probably playing ping pong with Alex and I'm probably really annoying him

I'm jealous. It's honestly so cold: I'm wearing two fleeces, a long sleeve, a tank top, spandex, pajama pants, huge socks and slippers. J'ai trop froiddddddd

You and your fabs life.
I tried to get one of you and papa but it wasn't working. He's in literally no pictures at all.

Icing on the cake......

P.S. you might be embarrassed with this almost Michael-Jackson-like shrine type thing but you best keep it. Once we get old and ill like gramps, we're going to want to remember our youth and you'll be grateful I have a lot of time on my hands and put these all up. You might be thinking, we're not going to even remember the link but I've gotten that taken care of. Written it on basically every page of my journal....

je t'aime you beaucoups sissy!!!


mariel elisa said...

tu es the best

Anonymous said...

this is amazing Isabelle

Anonymous said...

this is arielle