Bag lady

I've been searching for the perfect bag for months now.
My requirements are:
1) Long strap to facilitate bike riding
2) Big enough to shove my Macbook in, for when necessary
3) Not black, but not a color I wear a lot

With that said, after much searching I am leaning towards the Rachel Nasvik Phoebe satchel. Before I indulge I was curious to see if anyone else had ideas for this quest? Please help!

While not a 'scavenged' deal, I think anything that holds my computer or camera should be a good quality investment..



Anonymous said...

decades: le birkin -rachel zoe

Mary Jane said...

nice bag! the bag on my post is gucci by the way. if you are looking for something inexpensive you should try tally weijl, it has really cute bags for really good prices, if you want something expensive guess has really nice bags but miss sixty has even better, hope ive helped!

Anonymous said...

i agree, you can never go wrong with a vintage birkin

Beth Sarah said...

go to bershka in amsterdam!! or the store right next to it in Kalverstraat.

also, how is paris?? have you been to a'dam yet?