A secret worth sharing

My glasses aren't really new, I got this summer in a flurry of preparation for Switzerland. However, I was only going to pull getting these babies if I could do it inexpensively. Thus started a ton of Yelp-ing, and now 3 months later I am still completely satisfied with my find.

I got the frames at this place in Pasadena, Old Focals. It's a bit hipster over the top, but I will say that the employees know their stuff. I was debating between two pairs in the end, the ones you see above and these masculine brown ones. The guy at the store pretty much refused to sell me those brown ones in favor of this feminine pair that 'fit my face'. A good pair of glasses is all about proportion with your features. Next I got the lenses done at Happy Eyes Optical in Glendale. They are skilled at putting lenses in vintage frames. The woman who owns the shop is friendly and efficient, and you should definitely trust them with your eye care needs.

But yes, I had to share these great finds with you because the best part is if in L.A. you can be equipped with chic eye-ware for less than $200.


Isabelle said...

those are super cool mar

Coco said...

They are very cool. I love unique glasses - I almost wish I needed them so I could get myself a vintage pair.