Hardships of modifying a t-shirt

I finished the shirt on Monday actually but haven't posted it because I have this funny feeling inside that it's not completely finished but I don't want to do that classic mistake where you think it needs more and once you put more it just looks trashy and horrible.

So I gave myself a few options. I quickly finished braiding up the entire dress to sew onto the shirt and tried to figure out what to do with it. Here are my thoughts:
1. do i continue with the original plan: sew the braids on the bottom seam and the armholes
2. or do i just do the armholes. or just do the bottom seam
3. sew vertical braids all around
4. or do the hem where i cut upwards toward the side seam, kind of like a half circle

HELP give me advice because i don't want to ruin my hard work


Natalie said...

I think you should do just the armholes if you want to add more of the braid, otherwise I'd just hem the bottom half of the armholes for a clean look. Or as yet even another option, you could make vertical braids, possibly several thinner ones right next to each other, on each side of the shirt at the lowest point of the armholes.

looks fab so far. can't wait to see the final product.

mariel elisa said...

yeah i agree. sew the armholes up so they dont stretch out. i like the idea of vertical stripes: what if you had one going up the middle front and back. that could be cool, haven't really seen it before

Arielle said...

I agree. it looks good. just clean up some the hems.